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Spammer reads Shakespeare

March 1, 2012

And doesn’t do too bad a job.

Every once in a while I check WordPress’s spam trap, and usually there’s nothing worth looking at–just computer-generated nonsense on the theme of “great post”, or long lists of links to illicit-sounding places that probably give your computer a virus if you click on them.

But a few weeks ago I posted here a quotation from King Lear, Act III, Scene II, and today saw this comment caught in the trap:

If you have reached this article, with tips to [what is marriage] (this was the spam link), chances are high that you are going thru a separation of some sort and your spirits may be very low. Trust me, I know this feeling just too well. I have been down this road and I know the panic, desperation and everything in between. I do want to tell you, however, that even though he might say it is over, there is still a very good chance that the relationship can be salvaged. Why do I say that?

Now this is obviously spam, and obviously a template. But really, if I had been saying what King Lear says, rather than quoting King Lear, this wouldn’t be too implausible a thing to say to me. I’d like to think (though I’m probably wrong) that this wasn’t random, that they used some sort of word-analysis to determine that Lear’s voice here is low-spirited, panicked, desperate, and then chose the above from a series of options.

In any case, good job spammers! Maybe one day they’ll be able to sound like real people.

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  1. March 1, 2012 8:23 am

    Reminds me of this XKCD comic:

  2. March 1, 2012 12:35 pm

    Oh yeah, good catch. I forgot about 810 but I think I was unconsciously thinking about when I wrote the above.

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